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We are happy about our new team member!

Since November 1st, Mohammad has joined our team as a freshly graduated B.Sc. software developer. After Mohammad was already an integral part of our team as a student during his project phase and his bachelor thesis, we are very pleased that we will continue together on the chosen path after his successful graduation.

Welcome to the "real working world" :-).

VILF Annual Meeting 2022 #buntgemischt

From left to right: Ruth Winghart, PRISMA, Markus Hahn, Lisa Wollny, Orion Engineered Carbons GmbH

On November 17 and 18 online and in Neu-Isenburg

See and be seen - as always, the VILF Annual Meeting offered a great opportunity to meet interesting people and experience exciting presentations.

We were represented with a stand in the foyer on 17.11., where we met some familiar people and also made new contacts.

The series of lectures began with the topic "Generational change - between change, disruption and continuity". Johanna von Eben-Worlée from Worlée Chemie GmbH spoke in her lecture about how important it is to take the employees along with you when it comes to future topics such as digitalization and company development, and to shape change together as a constant process that leads over mountains and through valleys.

The fact that the topic of "environment, climate, CO2, sustainability" is in the focus of the industry was shown by the lectures on #gogreen. The speakers gave a very good overview of the efforts the industry is making for environmental and climate protection and where the entrepreneurial, but also social challenges lie.

How important the topic of climate change and the immediate, emphatic global action for the complete reduction of CO2 emissions is for all mankind, Prof. Mojib Latif from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and University of Kiel showed very impressively in his closing lecture "After us, the deluge?": "You can't negotiate or compromise with physics".

The evening event in a convivial round of tables, with good food and great musical accompaniment was a nice end to the day

You can find more about the VILF here.

A look through the HoloLens

Recipe Development and Lab Approaches - Keeping Both Hands Free...

In this video, you will see the view through the HoloLons' lenses in conjunction with the LISSY Recipe Playground and voice control using keywords.

The "device portal" of the HoloLens allows recording the current view through the glasses to give at least a small impression of the "look & feel". However, due to the recording and the available bandwidth, the LISSY head-up display is somewhat distorted.

War? What's it good for? For absolutely nothing! Say it again!
(based on Bruce Springsteen: "War")

Help those in need who are suffering from wars of aggression and terrorism, civil wars, religious or political madness.

We have donated to "Médecins Sans Frontières" and "Aktion Deutschland Hilft" and hope to make a small contribution to help. Thank you to all the people who provide help through their personal, often dangerous, efforts.