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About us

With us you will find smart software solutions around digitalization

20 years of industry experience with innovative, holistic concepts and comprehensive solutions for the paint and coatings industry, construction chemicals, raw materials industry and plastics/films industry.

We have always been fascinated by making things simpler, so that they are easier to handle and function even better.

This is exactly what we do with our software, and over the past decades we have specialized in particular in applications for the paint and coatings industry and construction chemicals. LISSY is our key product.

With LISSY we optimize the project and order management of our customers and simplify processes in recipe creation, raw material processing or technical testing through intelligent data processing.

LISSY can be tailored to individual requirements and smoothly integrated into existing systems.

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Your strong partner for your strategic corporate development

We are an innovative team that has been developing smart solutions around digitalization in the paint and coatings industry, construction chemicals and closely related companies from the chemical industry in close cooperation with users since 1998.

The goal is to prepare your company for the digital future through close cooperation at eye level and to shape this future together.

In us, you will find a reliable partner with whom you can successfully introduce your strategic digitalization platform and operate and continuously develop it over many years.


  • LISSY Roadmap: Focus on User Experience

    Especially in connection with the continuous further development of our LISSY web technology, the constant improvement of the "user experience" is of great importance to us. The aim is to reduce inhibitions and shorten processing times through particularly intuitive operation. Omar, who is working on his bachelor's thesis with us, is currently working on this topic. We are taking a close look at where things in LISSY still need too much explanation or cannot be grasped at a glance. We compare ourselves with our customers, but also with the "state of the art" in the web and cloud area. Design and functionality go hand in hand here. The motto "Form follows Function" is particularly important in the area of software ergonomics, but above all it means that the focus is not on the technical function, but rather on the benefit for the user, and this should be made accessible with a perfect design.

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Who digitizes successfully with LISSY?

The paint and coatings industry

Industrial coatings, automotive, aviation, rail, high-temperature coatings

Raw material producers

Pigments, additives, fillers

Company of the construction chemistry

Building protection, adhesives, building materials

Plastic, rubber and film manufacturers

Swimming pool liners, supply industry

Our mission


LISSY is the perfect platform for digitizing communication processes, the flow of information, knowledge creation and documentation, and laboratory and development processes in customer-focused, innovative companies.

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We make the difference!

We have always relied on strong team structures and employees who want to create something with technical finesse and creativity. The close and trusting relationship with our customers helps us to incorporate empirical values from industry practice directly into our work in order to continuously improve our applications.

Do you want to become part of the team? Then we would like to get to know you.

This is what our customers appreciate about LISSY and us

"We have a long-standing partnership with PRISMA and are proud to have contributed to the development of this unique application through the practical insights from our industry. We especially appreciate the direct and uncomplicated exchange with PRISMA and the quick accessibility in case of challenges. We look forward to continuing to set standards in our industry with PRISMA and LISSY."

Fabian Bußweiler

What drives us

We are an agile and creative team with a lot of fun at work. We are characterized by our ability to empathize very well with the work processes of our customers and strive to ensure that users simply have fun working with our software.

We succeed in this because we are constantly researching and developing at the cutting edge of technology. In addition to programming, close contact with users and open eyes and ears for their working environment is the most important basis for the success of our projects and solutions.



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